diy coffee cup candles
diy coffee cup candles

If you are searching to provide a cute gift or you are like me and only need a simple DIY job, then give this a try! If you’re short on time, however, have a peek at a number of my favourite candles out of Anthropologie — you’re certain to find something that you will adore!

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Things you may need:

  • Candle wax aromas, or a classic candle you have (you can melt down it or shave it ). You’ll need enough flakes to meet with up your quilt TWICE.
  • Candle wicks
  • Pot or spoonful
  • Fragrance oil (If You Would like a scented candle)
  • Scotch tape
diy coffee cup candles
DIY Coffee Cup Candles in 5 Minutes


1. Set the glass jar or smaller kettle filled with wax flakes from the kettle of boiling water and then await the wax to completely melt. I had a whole lot of beers, therefore it took mine about half an hour on moderate to medium-high heat.

2. Though your scents are still melting, get your mug prepared! Set the candle wick at the middle of this mug and keep it standing and based with whatever wooden utensils (i.e. pens, chopsticks) you’ve got available. That can be when the scotch tape is useful. It is possible to tape the sticks together or into the mug to allow it to remain in place.

3. When the wax aromas are fully melted, remove the smaller pot/bowl in the water and then stir odor into the melted wax. It smelled powerful but after your candle is completed the odor will be a lot lighter.

4. Do not transfer your mug around as soon as you’ve poured the wax! .

5. Wait! If you opted to shave or melt an already-made candle, then it won’t take so long to place. If you utilized wax aromas, wait approximately 24 hours before transferring the candle to be secure.

6. Reduce your back and light off, my friend.

Stay tuned for potential easy DIY jobs from this non-DIYer. And also to all my friends, I hope that you enjoy coffee mug candles since they might only be what is wrapped up for another Christmas or birthday.